Transform your origin management.

Built for developers

JOE provides an API and web app to help businesses determine the origin of products in international trade and to optimize supplier data acquisition using AI.

Built with developers in mind, JOE follows a standard pattern of input-processing-output, making it easy to integrate into any existing systems and processes, and to improve customs data quality.

Simple and effective

JOE helps businesses save on duty payments, save on time spent on origin administration, and to improve customs compliance, with tailored outputs for sales, procurement, and data teams.

JOE frees up experts to focus on higher-level tasks by automating the process of determining the origin of products in international trade.

JOE uses AI to optimize supplier data acquisition, which reduces the time and effort experts spend on obtaining and maintaining supplier origin data.

JOE boosts the confidence and competence of experts using it with improved accuracy and compliance, allowing them to make more informed decisions faster.

For a quick start, simply upload one of the pre-specified CSV files using the web app.

A plan for your needs.

Your origin management is unique to you, which is why JOE gives you a choice of plans based on the determination volume and optimization accuracy you need.

Currently, JOE is invitation only. Email JOE to request access.

About Joe

JOE provides an efficient API and web app to determine product origin for international trade, and to optimize supplier data acquisition efforts using AI.

Once integrated, you can easily run scalable origin determinations and optimizations that fit into your processes and systems.