your preferential origin engine.

Built for developers

JOE provides and API first, customizable & scalable engine to calculate the preferential origin of goods.

Integrate your systems with JOE by sending in your product & customs data to the origin engine for validation, and receive results on the preferential origin status of your goods.

Simple and effective

JOE provides fast & effective origin calculation to save administrative expenses, and to cut unnecessary duty payments.

For a quick start, use the web app where you upload pre-specified CSV files and download results once preferential origin validation is done. No code and no development skills required.

A plan for your needs.

Your origin management is unique to you, which is why JOE’s pricing plans give you a choice of plans based on the data volume you need. Currently, JOE is invitation only. Email JOE to request access.

About Joe

JOE offers a fast and approachable API and web application for preferential origin calculation.

After a one-time integration, you can run sophisticated, scalable origin calculations to fit your systems and processes.